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A next generation performance management system. By linking I.T. with organizational psychology we guarantee alignment of mission and strategy with employee passion. Learn how you can increase accountability, drive change and innovation while containing costs.

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Motivate, Recognize, Appreciate, Reward and Retain your employees by uncovering their unique interests and needs with Incentive Cache™ by Performance Path ® . If you don’t know what motivates your staff, you are feeding bananas to your tigers.

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We recognize innovation as essential to sustaining organizational leadership for our clients.

Our consulting and training services are innovative in both approach and application.

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A next generation performance management software system. Upload your existing appraisal system and tap into an incredible array of new management tools tailored to meet your needs. Measure Performance, Contain Costs and Drive Innovation. Take charge of YOUR businesses future.

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Put Your Business On The Performance Path®

My frustrations are at an all-time high…unlike our revenue. We have implemented scorecards and business management systems to try and increase our efficiencies. Some have increased - but not enough. It still takes too long to get my initiatives implemented. Too many just die on the vine. I am sick and tired of not being able to get things done on time, or on budget.

It’s not that people don’t care…I just don’t think they realize how critical these initiatives are not only to their jobs but also to the future of this business. We must execute like a well-oiled machine, not like a hand-cranked generator. I want nuclear fusion.

We need some way to link everyone’s work to more than a pay check. We must motivate people to engage daily, not just before the close of the budget year. People must think innovatively on their own instead of expecting someone else to do it. I know they see ways we can cut costs and improve quality. If we can save money now, we can expand our business in other ways. That is real crisis management. We have got to harness the power of our people’s brains and backbones.

If you want to create a culture of achievement not entitlement, Performance Path® can get you there. Our software system enables management to tap individual passions, link them to corporate strategies and objectives, and steer a purpose-driven workforce to success.

Performance Path®, the next generation in Workforce Management Systems, is designed specifically to help you tap into that most powerful of all motivators: Linking the individual values and desires of your people to the objectives and strategy of your organization. Performance Path® delivers:

  • Faster execution and sustainable strategic focus
  • Lower costs
  • Best practice management skills
  • Accurate measures of employee skill and motivation levels
  • Employee and customer satisfaction
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Improved output quality
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased profitability

Find out more about Performance Path® and our consulting services. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a free demonstration of our robust software suite at your convenience.

Employee Rewards
Create a Culture of Achievement, Not Entitlement. Steer and Accelerate Workforce Performance. For many people, except for a paycheck, their work is purposeless. Ask people what they would do if they suddenly won the lottery. The first thing many would say is “Quit my job.” Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be away from work. In many organizations, change is thwarted and talent is wasted. People go to work and feel little satisfaction. They cannot wait for the weekend where they can avoid the tension and boredom at work. They want to enjoy their life.

Booming in the Millennium
To say the world is undergoing a huge economic restructuring might be an understatement. Shifting demographics are one of the key factors driving this change. The U.S. economy has grown at an annual rate of around 3.4% adjusted for inflation over the past 50 years (BLS). An important factor in achieving that pace of economic growth has been an increase of about 1.7% annually in the supply of workers.

Tips for Successful Employee Appraisals
Conducting employee appraisals is usually one of the least favorite tasks of most managers. It is easy to understand why. Traditional one-size-fits-all appraisals bear little resemblance to the actual job requirements. One-size-fits-all employee appraisal systems use broadly defined statements to define work responsibilities. And, the rating scale is more a measure of the manager’s opinion, versus measure of actual performance.

Increase Performance & Productivity

An economic crisis requires leadership to quickly shift effort and output as market forces demand change.

Performance Path ® effects change by increasing performance and productivity through a system that creates a culture of achievement not entitlement.

Performance Path ® Improves Performance in any organization large or small by:

  • driving leadership and accountability,
  • creating a culture of achievement, ensures talent development,
  • providing measurable management and rewards with motivational incentives.

“For managers, the most important job is not measurement but motivation. You can’t motivate numbers.” - James Autrey

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